Conky – lightweight system monitor

Just installed conky on my fedora desktop. My fedora itself took some time to be installed, as I’m having problem with harddisk recognition, I’m having 2 harddisk. Now its booting Fedora Core 7. I just need a good workspace, and conky have add up some spice to it. Conky, a lightweight system monitor. It will […]

Batch Image Resizer

One more post before going to Pahang for International Pahang River Rafting Expedition 😀 I would like to share one more software, for me its really usefull, when I want to upload bunch of pictures to my online gallery at The software will resize all images in a specific folder into size that you […]

VMX builder – create virtual machine for your VMware Player

This album is powered by BubbleShare – Add to my blog Eventhough VMware have release free version of the player, called Vmware Player, you can just open a virtual machine, not creating a new one. With Vmxbuilder, you can create a new virtual machine, easily. This is a batch command, using command prompt, and only […]

FOSSCAR – 1st day

This album is powered by BubbleShare – Add to my blog Today is a very long day. Visitors from various universities came to FOSSCAR ’06 today. We have a few key person came to FOSSCAR today: Assoc Prof Dr Azmi Omar – Deputy Rector of IIUM Assoc Prof Dr Adam Suhaimi – Dean of KICT, […]

Someone steal my bandwidth

I just noticed an immediate increase bandwidth in one of my sponsored hosting website, When I check the referer, I finds out there is one website who put my into his website. He is feeding his visitor with my bandwidth. So, I fire up google and search for “php how to check referer”, […]