Rich weather data prediction and visualization

Weather rich data nowadays are available for rain, temperature and wind. We can visualize, we can playback the data, and got some awesome prediction out of them. I’ll try to list a few of the sites that I frequently visit, to get more insight on whats happening around the world (weather perspective). Some of them are coming in through API, which you can consume with.

The site focus on wind condition, typhoon or hurricane. It has some cool visualization of the wind, and the speed indicator as well. You can change the map projection,

Zoom.Earth seems interesting, the map data are realistic, and all the earth feature are sharp. The satellite imagery comes from Himawari-8, owned by Japanese Meteorological Agency.

With you can play back the weather data, with day/night visualization, and the options to toggle data between rain, source of heat and wind.

One interesting feature is that, it has overlay of known or recognized typhoon. The spagetthi projection will be display, with the path and timing information.

Darksky API

Darksky is another cool map. It has wind precipitation, in a way, predictions. Also, “Feels Like Temperature”, Temperature, UV index, ozone and more.

As far as I’ve tested before, their prediction are one of the best, and most accurate. All the data are available through API. However, they seems to be acquired by Apple, and the API service will be continued until the end of 2022.


Rainviewer is very focus on rain data. If you need rain prediction, rain coverage, limited playback feature, this is suitable for your personal use. It is also available as an apps for Android and IOS.

The prediction on your phone is quite good. You will get notifications like, “expected to rain in the next xx minutes, and it will last for the next xx minutes.”

Additional data

If you’re interested more into typhoon and hurricane data, head over to these sites.

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