Someone steal my bandwidth

I just noticed an immediate increase bandwidth in one of my sponsored hosting website, When I check the referer, I finds out there is one website who put my into his website. He is feeding his visitor with my bandwidth.

So, I fire up google and search for “php how to check referer”, I found the hacks to solve it. This script will actually check for referer before it loads. Specify your own server, replace If the request was not from, it will just display, “Nice try

< ?php if ( eregi ( "", $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] ) ) { // do something } else { echo "Nice try"; } ?>

Now, the website cannot view the radio blog in his website. Instead, there is a message comming out 🙂

No more bandwidth stealing

One thought on “Someone steal my bandwidth

  1. salam.. lama tak jumpa ko,isyallah lepas aku dah selesai masalah aku,aku akan cari ko,hehe curi bandwith ker :p apa salah nyer wkakaka sapa la mamat yg curi tuh ek,suh la beli server sendiri,apa dia ingat senang ker kita dok sara server 😛

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