Tunnel traffic over ssh

I had a problem previously on how to access my server control panel, that runs on port 2222, that was blocked by my network administrator. There is an option to access it, through ssh tunnel. This can be done using putty ssh client in windows, and command line ssh in Linux.
For sure for ssh tunneling, you would need a ssh account, anywhere.

You just need to connect to your client as usual, but before that, please take note about tunneling. You need to mention the local and remote port to the destination server.

For Linux user

For linux user, ssh tunneling can be done just with a single command line.

# ssh -L 2222:budihost.com:2222 user@budihost.com

The left port number will represent the local port, and the right side is the remote port you want to access.

After that, just fire up your browser, and point to http://localhost:2222. WALLA!

You need to bare in mind about few things that you need to consider. You cannot do ssh tunneling for a port number below 1024 unless you logged in into ssh account as root. Only root user can bind to a port below 1024.


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  1. HTTPTUnnel dah pernah cuba, tapi concept dia lain sket, kena ada server & client.. Senang guna tunnel over ssh, any linux OS, windows with putty boleh buat tunnel.. 🙂

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