Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary, Temerloh.

A friend of mine once mentioned about elephant sanctury in Temerloh, Pahang. Its not too far, and i figured this is the right time to go for it. The right time i mean at that particular time is already 3 month back. Now only I have the time to blog about it.

The place is quite remote, and you have to drive past villages, but its quite easy to find. Just exit at Lanchang, and just drive straight, until you can see signboard to the sanctuary. There are free tickets to be distributed, but they have color scheme for the tickets. The red ticket is for most people, and with this ticket, you can just see and say hi to the elephant. With green ticket, you can have a shower session with the elephant. But, this ticket is limited to 100 tickets issued per day. So, you have to be there as soon as possible before the tickets runs out.

There are few sections where you can have different experience with the elephants. The first part where there are 2 baby elephant, aged 3 and 4, named langsat and pandan. They are friendly, you can take pictures with them, and feed them with your hands. They will just grab what you offer with its trunk. You can buy some foods from there, there is a shop where you can buy some foods for them.

There are also one section where you can have a shower with the elephants. The elephant at this sections i suppose were quite big, not sure the elephant’s age. Unluckily, we dont have the chance to see the elephants in action that day. With the right ticket and the elephants in the right mood, you can go into the small river, and have a shower with them. There is a signboard, mentioned, “no bikini”. You might want to take note of that 😛


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