Came back from Pahang! What a tiring journey.


All 18 of us have came back from International Pahang River Rafting Expedition. This is a very tiring journey, as all 18 of us do rafting all 8 days without any replacement. Most of the team there have extra team members who will take over their place. But for us, we grab all the 8 days through Pahang River.

What a nice thing about this years event is we got more days on the water, means our skin are darker. hohohoo.. Everyone I met are suprised of the skin chang, including my lecturer. He could not even recognize me! All the participans got nice souvenirs from the locals and organizers.

At every stop, we were celebrated by the local people, it was very nice. There are also concerts, mainly performing cultural activities. There are also Amir Ukays, Karen AF4, and so many more. I could not catch all the performance as we do not have enough time to manage our team. We do not have ground crew to settle our campsite and everything. Thanks to our friends from UKM who help us out with the campsite.

I dont have digital camera, and not yet manage to get all the pictures from my friends. I will upload as soon as I got all the pictures.

2 thoughts on “Came back from Pahang! What a tiring journey.

  1. huh!!gua jeles tahap cipan nieh!!isk hari tu jumpa kat JJ tuh shopping bj nak gi pahang la nieh eh..kuikui..apapun i can feel the excitement of you guys rafting 8 days there…takpe la gelap2 pon, kalau takut burn tak yah la main air hehehe..ok bro..enjoy reading ur posts!!daa

  2. hehe.. shopping sket2 tuk berakit jugak la.. ;D awek ramai wooo.. 😀 hehe..
    excitement? penat bangat la.. mau di pulun 8 hari stret berakit tu, itam legam la.. xyah jeles la.. tahun depan boleh join lagi 😉

    ada masa datang la UIA, ada kayak baru skarang.. best wooo.. tengah training tuk MASUM..

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