Gmail Drive Shell Extension

Just found this useful tool, once installed, it will create a new drive named “GMail Drive”. You can store your files in the drive, that actually store it in your gmail account space.

Gmail Drive will actually send an email to yourself, with the files added to Gmail Drive to yourself. Gmail Drive will login to your gmail account, and perform search function to sort the files viewed in the drive. You may want to make a filter, for emails with prefix “GMAILFS” to moved to your archived mail folder.

Bare in mind, Gmail Drive will break if Google changes its new system. The developer might provides and update with new system. So, dont panic if the tool breaks, and don’t highly depends on the drive.

GmailFS –

Batch Image Resize in Linux

Previously I have posted about batch image resizing, in Windows, using a Window tool, Portable Batch Image Resizer. Currently now I’m using Fedora, and I need a tool to automatically resize all my images for uploading.

I found an article telling how to do this. I moved my pictures, to a temporary folder, in case I misresize it 🙂

mogrify -resize 800 *.JPG

The command will resize all file with extension JPG in that particular folder to 800px width and keep the image aspect ratio. You can also change it or put it with exclamation mark, to resize it to that particular size.

mogrify -resize 320×240! *.JPG

mogrify is tool comes with ImageMagic. Install ImageMagic, and you’re ready to go.

Google Search for Malware and Viruses

There was an article I found in my surfing time about viruses, from PcWorld, Google Binary Search help Identify Malware. Google have a little-known capability to search binaries, that will be useful to search malware and virus binaries across the internet. This google hacks have been implemented by metasploit research team, to provide a good interface and signature database of viruses and malwares. The malware search interface is accessible at

In the project information, there are description on how it works, and they also provides ruby script to generate signatures, search for binaries from the signatures and also to download them, basically just wget it.

The installation I did on Fedora works just smooth, installed ruby 1.8.6, ruby-google and also soap4r. ruby-google connects to Google API using SOAP, therefore I have to install Soap4r first, then ruby-google.

This is a sample of 1 virus found, Message.pif (Worm.Bagle.N-1)
this is the clamscan result:

Message.pif: Worm.Bagle.N-1 FOUND

———– SCAN SUMMARY ———–
Known viruses: 152764
Engine version: 0.91.2
Scanned directories: 0
Scanned files: 1
Infected files: 1
Data scanned: 0.02 MB
Time: 2.592 sec (0 m 2 s)

This is the sample usage of the ruby scripts:

$ ./mwsig.rb Message.pif
$ ./mwsearch.rb 4053c6c2:00010000:0000e5b0:00005000
# ./mwdownload.rb bin to_download
=> `bin/0.bin’
Connecting to||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 21,871 (21K)

100%[=================================================================================================================>] 21,871 21.57K/s

09:17:59 (21.55 KB/s) – `bin/0.bin’ saved [21871/21871]

This is the sample search in It have 4 main information to search for:
1: Virus/malware name
2: Time & date stamp
3: Size of Image
4: Entry Point
5: Size of code

All of these information are basically the last 4 segment in the signatures, created by mwsig.rb

Conky – lightweight system monitor

my_conky.jpgJust installed conky on my fedora desktop. My fedora itself took some time to be installed, as I’m having problem with harddisk recognition, I’m having 2 harddisk. Now its booting Fedora Core 7.

I just need a good workspace, and conky have add up some spice to it. Conky, a lightweight system monitor. It will display system monitor on your desktop. You can customize it, what you want to see most. Most sample configuration I found have what I need. I dont have much time to go into customizing my own config file, just copied from others.

I’m using this config file, .conkyrc. I grab it from cstamper blog. You can see there’s more .conkyrc config file sample from conky official website. Its a good start for your own custom configuration script.

Run conky, and it will load conky with configuration file at $HOME/.conkyrc

Canyoneering at Sungai Pisang – 7th July 2007

sgpisang2 sgpisang
What a perfect day.. I got an offer to handle canyoneering at Sungai Pisang, Jalan Gombak, handling around 25 students, I forgot from where.. The rope installation take a few minutes, and after all of them took breakfast, everyone tried canyoneering, at the waterfall. Some of them even ask for twice 🙂 Canyoneering is actually abseiling activity at waterfall. – Online RSS reader.


For some people, RSS might be a new thing. This would be an introductory article, on how you could use this feature available at most websites.

RSS stand for Really Simple Syndicatio, where you can pull out the information from a website, and display it anywhere you want. This is a cool feature, where you can put all pieces of information from all your favourite website into a single page, you can get updated from a single page visit!

I would like to introduce Netvibe, an online RSS reader. With Netvibes, you can read RSS feeds from your friend’s blog, myspace, flickr gallery, and also your emails! The easy and simple navigation will never get you lost with it.

The contents of your feeds can be split into different tab, where you can add new one with one click, and you can also arrange it with drag and drop. Drag it to anywhere you want. Each RSS feeds also can be moved easily with drag and drop anywhere, even to another tab.

Try it now, you’ll have a better way to keep things updated easily.

Nurse day, mothers day and teachers day :)

Pictures from

This month surely a great month for some of us. There will be nurse day on 12th May, Mothers day on 13th May and Teachers day on 16th May.

All those 3 are people in our society that have played a big role, in our development. In facts, many aspect of our development, especially humanly development. They have put their life in helping, to build up a good community where we live in.

This is a good moment where we should appreciate what they have done. It doesn’t mean this is the only time they need to be remembered, but these days are a good day where we should do it together. I symbol of appreciation from us.

Happy Nurse Day, Happy Mothers Day and Happy Teachers Day 🙂


Came back from Pahang! What a tiring journey.


All 18 of us have came back from International Pahang River Rafting Expedition. This is a very tiring journey, as all 18 of us do rafting all 8 days without any replacement. Most of the team there have extra team members who will take over their place. But for us, we grab all the 8 days through Pahang River.

What a nice thing about this years event is we got more days on the water, means our skin are darker. hohohoo.. Everyone I met are suprised of the skin chang, including my lecturer. He could not even recognize me! All the participans got nice souvenirs from the locals and organizers.

At every stop, we were celebrated by the local people, it was very nice. There are also concerts, mainly performing cultural activities. There are also Amir Ukays, Karen AF4, and so many more. I could not catch all the performance as we do not have enough time to manage our team. We do not have ground crew to settle our campsite and everything. Thanks to our friends from UKM who help us out with the campsite.

I dont have digital camera, and not yet manage to get all the pictures from my friends. I will upload as soon as I got all the pictures.