Scientific explaination in Google Search popularity


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I found an article about how Google positions their search result and the ads in a way that it is so effective. This feature will for sure attract the advertiser to invest in Google AdWords..

The arrangement made a F-shape area, where user will browse from the left page, vertically, searching for pictures or keywords that they are looking for, and then move to the right side for any additional information.

Reference [Dead link now]

Mozilla rules! Mozilla users are safer

2 researchers and a pair of graduate student at University of Washington have found that Mozilla user is less vulnerable to security issues, compared to IE.

They have reseased web-crawlers to 45,000 website and perform some test of todays browsers vulnerability to conduct the test.

Download the latest Mozilla Firefox now, at and tweak it for best performance 🙂

ASCII Art Generator

ASCII art is an art of combining characters laid out to form a pattern on screen. Its nice to be used in a text mode environment, such as ssh, irc, and other similar environment, just to get yourself not too boring 🙂

You can go to this site,, where you can generate different ASCII art to form a text in different size and font.

This is an example
Example of ASCII art as welcome message in ssh

You can change welcoming message of ssh in the file /etc/motd/. Try relogin and you will see the welcoming message

After 1Y0-259 and EX0-101, all the PMI-001 professionals are fully qualified to write 642-825.

SSH Quick login, without password

This is a techniques that enables you to login into a remote Linux machine without having any password challenge. You can immediately logged in your remote linux machine, with a single ssh command.

This technique requires a pair of keys, generated on your local machine. The public key will be placed in the remote machine, and the private key resides on your local machine. During key generation, it will prompt for the key password. You need to leave it empty, for no password login.

This technique is useful for administrators that need to login and manage alot of computers from a single machine. No more hassle to key in password in each of the remote machine. This technique is also useful if you want to make a shell script to transfer a file using scp (Secure Copy). The file will be transfered wthout any password challenge, and will be transfered securely.

First thing to do, generate the key pair on your local machine.

su-bash$ ssh-keygen -t rsa

For the key password, leave it blank

The key pair generated are being store at /home/budihost/.ssh/
The public key, need to be transfered into .ssh folder in the remote machine.

su-bash$ ssh server “mkdir .ssh; chmod 0700 .ssh”
su-bash$ scp .ssh/ server:~/.ssh/authorized_keys

You can now try to login to your remote machine,
su-bash$ ssh -l budihost server
You will be logged in without any password prompt

Writing 70-294 and 70-536 is the next step for a 70-642 professional after they are done with 642-642 and 642-845.

My personal climbing gear

Hai, sorry for long silence.. I get myself busy with some other works, and activities 🙂

I finally bought my own personal climbing gear.

My personal climbing gear

This is just a few gears this essential in wall & rock climbing activities.. I’m planning to buy more. At least, I can go climbing or go to any building and do repelling with my family.

See ya..

Meebo – Web-based IM client (AJAX powered)

Meebo web-based IM client

Meebo is a new web-based IM client, developed with AJAX. The system integrating the core of GAIM 1.5 with AJAX. Nice work for all of them.

Meebo allows user to login to most popular IM provider. There are Yahoo Messenger, AIM or ICQ, Jabber or GTalk and MSN Messenger. They claims that users password were encrypted using 1024-bit RSA keys. I hope they do..

You should have a try.

Cool vmware player

VMware player in action

I have tried VMware player. Its cool man, quite fast when loading and handling it. I love it. But I couldn’t find function to suspend a virtual machine, means I have to shutdown my virtual machine properly to close it.

Try it, you’ll love it 😉