Pulau Pangkor – Canoe and Rowing Club, IIUM

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8-10 April 2007, Canoe & Rowing Club IIUM organized a trip to Pangkor Island. This 3 days program were participated by 24 students and 1 accompanying officer, Bro Zahari. We arrive on 8th April morning at 10, at Ceria Bogak Resort. Not much that we do on the first day. We do cycling in the evening to Kota Belanda. At night, we have some group activities.

On the second day, we went to Pulau Giam for snorkeling activities. There are one group who drop at Pulau Giam as well. The do kayaking from Teluk Bogak to Pulau Giam, and went back in the evening. We also met other IIUM students, who went there on other programs. In the evening, all of us except me went out for kayaking, to Pangkor Laut, and back to Teluk Bogak. They just took 1 hour. We spend the night with charcoal, burning chicken and fish for BBQ. I hope there were octopus, prawn, etc 🙁

Pangkor not really as what I’ve expected. I never though Pangkor Island were so developed, even they have school, police, proper roads, water supply, electricity. Not like other island in East Coast of peninsular Malaysia like Kapas Island and Redang Island. In Kapas and Redang Island, surely you will have a life without vehicle smokes 🙂 btw, Pangkor Island is a nice place for a vacation, and honeymoon 😉

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