Protect your google account with account recovery option

I just bugged by google when they asked me to re-login again. But there’s a new notification about entering our mobile number, as another verification to claim our account.
Google Recovery Option

It is a good way to verify our account, and claiming your account if you happen to lost your account due password lost. It might be a concern about your personal data, personal information being held by google. But by using their service, we’re compromising our privacy to google already.

However, how did they verify that I entered my correct mobile number? No verification made for the phone number. Anyhow, its a good step to limit the incident related to account lost by google. Other services like facebook also did have some mechanism to mitigate the issues, like notifying you if someone else accessing your account from another location, which seems to be unlikely.

I’m glad to see such more internet services taking this issue seriously, and doing something about it. As they grow larger, they still seems to care for those small portion of their users, whose having this kind of problem.

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