Monowall on Vmware

Yesterday I spent some time to play around with Monowall. Monowall is an embedded firewall package, thats built from bare-bone version of FreeBSD. The whole package is really small, smaller than 12MB, it can fit into your CF card for your embedded project. I start to have a look into Monowall when my boss bring this machine into our office, an embedded box, Axiomtek NA-0042B. I couldn’t find any technical spec in detail of the product, even from the official Axiomtek website.

So, in my case, I’m using a generic-pc image, from one of the monowall mirrors. I load the image into another vmware virtual machine, load the image into a secondary image of the machine.

The disk is available for download here Monowall Disk for VMware. I’ve also prepared a complete vmware machine with monowall. Please download it here, Monowall VMware Image.. This machine have been configured with IP Username & password are the same as default, admin and mono respectively.

I’ll have a look into IpCop and pfSense later. Never get my hands tired with them yet. Maybe some other Monowall derivative as well 🙂

[download(Monowall Disk for VMware)] (5.4MB), [downloadcounter(Monowall Disk for VMware)] downloads.
[download(Monowall VMware Image.)] (5.4MB), [downloadcounter(Monowall VMware Image.)] downloads.

3 thoughts on “Monowall on Vmware

  1. ntah la.. saya pun x sure mana boleh dapat ni.. bos bawak balik jer..

    anyway, malaysia supplier in embedded solutions, boleh cek yang ni, Edex. Other than that, saya x pasti,


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