Just an update..

Hai everyone.

It seems a long time since I wrote in my own blog. So busy with life, no activity to post in yet. Btw, I’m thinking there might be something I could share with you guys.

These are a few website I’ve been alot lately. I’m into web development, PHP & Jquery.

http://www.noupe.com/ – Good blog related to web development and design
http://www.problogdesign.com/ – Have good articles on web design and wordpress.
http://www.devsnippets.com/ – Collection of good tutorials on web development, mostly Ajax, CSS and JS framework.
http://www.smashingmagazine.com/ – This site have a good design articles. Web designers, photographers, you should subscribe to this blog.

I’m planning to develop a new website, my own, from scratch. Previously I’ll just use CMS like Joomla and wordpress. Build it from scratch, I have the freedom to see it the way I want. But still, I’m not good in designing actually.

These are a few website I’ve done for past few month

There are a few more to go:

Will update more soon..

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