Going to Pahang this weekend – International Pahang River Rafting Expedition

rakit.gifAs for this year, Bukit Fraser Development Board will be organizing another series of International Pahang River Rafting Expedition. For this year, I wont miss it! 😀 I will be joining fellow IIUM students to the event. Start from 29th April until 6 May 2007

I went to last year event, and it was so nice, and great. The previous journey are from Temerloh to Pekan. For this year, it will be from Kuala Lipis to Pekan, almost double the distance compared to last year. Huhuu..

I’m still figuring out how I could check my emails, and do anything la on internet along the journey. We will stop at various villages along the river. Might need someone else to do the job. Can huh?

Btw, wish me luck during the journey, will report for the event once got internet connection 😀

For details of the event, you can visit:
Bukit Fraser Development Board Website : Pahang River Rafting Expedition

6 thoughts on “Going to Pahang this weekend – International Pahang River Rafting Expedition

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  2. wey la wey…paan…
    Lain kali ckp arr kalau ada aktiviti yang besh 2x..Ni tak plan diam2x jer…aisey.

  3. i was there bro!!!
    it was really fun…………
    pls do infirm me if u have such an interesting outdoor activities….

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