Google hacks

Google hacks..
Now I would like to share something I have to gain more 🙂 hhee..

Since Google have come into the internet, it seems have change the whole internet. Its really wonderful actually, from the comprehensive search engine, Google AdSense, Google Earth, Google Talk, and more to come I hope.

Now I will concentrate on Google Search hacks. I will show how you can search for a particular file on the internet, and search your own website, even you dont have a search engine. Really cool for a fully static HTML website right? 😉

At first, try to go to this link:
You can see the search string in link provided. You can see, it can search for a particular topic and with what extension. You can also for a specific file using inurl. Try to search inurl:passwd.txt, you can see many search hits that found filename passwd.txt
This actually a vulnerablity to the owner of the system, where Google will reveal your confidential file. But, there is a solutions for system owner, using GHH – The “Google Hack” Honeypot. It will simulate the unsecure page, as if it is the vulnerable page, avoiding attackers from the actual possible vulnerable file.

Another tricks with Google is to search a particular file in your own site or domain. The example if in the link below:
The search string used to search a keyword farhan in site

I hope this article will be a guideline on how to find valuable information in the internet. Believe me, you’ll thank Google alot 🙂

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