Water disruption – IIUM is affected

These few days IIUM and the surrounding area still have water disruption, and many students have leave the campus to go back to their home town. IIUM cancel all classes from Monday and the class will continue on Thursday.
It is due to water plant been contaminated by of oil from an accident at KM 25 Karak Highway. The plant have to be cleaned and it now have been at last phase perhaps. Some rumours said the plant have already being cleaned now, just waiting for the water to filled up and supplied to the affected area.

All my friends also went outside, stay with friends around Kuala Lumpur. Me? stay and and survive 🙁 Even my close friend from Kedah, also went to aa friend’s house in KL. Hope she’s happy to take shower everyday without any hassle 🙂 Remember to come back here huh, we have class in Thursday. hehe..

Picture from TheStar

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