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For some people, RSS might be a new thing. This would be an introductory article, on how you could use this feature available at most websites.

RSS stand for Really Simple Syndicatio, where you can pull out the information from a website, and display it anywhere you want. This is a cool feature, where you can put all pieces of information from all your favourite website into a single page, you can get updated from a single page visit!

I would like to introduce Netvibe, an online RSS reader. With Netvibes, you can read RSS feeds from your friend’s blog, myspace, flickr gallery, and also your emails! The easy and simple navigation will never get you lost with it.

The contents of your feeds can be split into different tab, where you can add new one with one click, and you can also arrange it with drag and drop. Drag it to anywhere you want. Each RSS feeds also can be moved easily with drag and drop anywhere, even to another tab.

Try it now, you’ll have a better way to keep things updated easily.

Nurse day, mothers day and teachers day :)

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This month surely a great month for some of us. There will be nurse day on 12th May, Mothers day on 13th May and Teachers day on 16th May.

All those 3 are people in our society that have played a big role, in our development. In facts, many aspect of our development, especially humanly development. They have put their life in helping, to build up a good community where we live in.

This is a good moment where we should appreciate what they have done. It doesn’t mean this is the only time they need to be remembered, but these days are a good day where we should do it together. I symbol of appreciation from us.

Happy Nurse Day, Happy Mothers Day and Happy Teachers Day 🙂


Came back from Pahang! What a tiring journey.


All 18 of us have came back from International Pahang River Rafting Expedition. This is a very tiring journey, as all 18 of us do rafting all 8 days without any replacement. Most of the team there have extra team members who will take over their place. But for us, we grab all the 8 days through Pahang River.

What a nice thing about this years event is we got more days on the water, means our skin are darker. hohohoo.. Everyone I met are suprised of the skin chang, including my lecturer. He could not even recognize me! All the participans got nice souvenirs from the locals and organizers.

At every stop, we were celebrated by the local people, it was very nice. There are also concerts, mainly performing cultural activities. There are also Amir Ukays, Karen AF4, and so many more. I could not catch all the performance as we do not have enough time to manage our team. We do not have ground crew to settle our campsite and everything. Thanks to our friends from UKM who help us out with the campsite.

I dont have digital camera, and not yet manage to get all the pictures from my friends. I will upload as soon as I got all the pictures.

Batch Image Resizer


One more post before going to Pahang for International Pahang River Rafting Expedition 😀

I would like to share one more software, for me its really usefull, when I want to upload bunch of pictures to my online gallery at The software will resize all images in a specific folder into size that you want.

You can download the tool here. The nice thing is, the software is just 524kb in size, you can easily fit in your thumbdrive as your tools.

Download now and give it a try 😉

Download links :

Going to Pahang this weekend – International Pahang River Rafting Expedition

rakit.gifAs for this year, Bukit Fraser Development Board will be organizing another series of International Pahang River Rafting Expedition. For this year, I wont miss it! 😀 I will be joining fellow IIUM students to the event. Start from 29th April until 6 May 2007

I went to last year event, and it was so nice, and great. The previous journey are from Temerloh to Pekan. For this year, it will be from Kuala Lipis to Pekan, almost double the distance compared to last year. Huhuu..

I’m still figuring out how I could check my emails, and do anything la on internet along the journey. We will stop at various villages along the river. Might need someone else to do the job. Can huh?

Btw, wish me luck during the journey, will report for the event once got internet connection 😀

For details of the event, you can visit:
Bukit Fraser Development Board Website : Pahang River Rafting Expedition

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These are some information about myself.

Name : Farhan Faisal Zakaria
DOB : 23rd January 1984

About me
I am still student in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), 4th year now, taking Computer Science. My interest area are very wide 🙂 In computer, my interest would be system administration in open source software, programming (a little bit on PHP+MySQL, HTML & CSS), web development, and embedded system. I’m still very new in embedded system, and I would like to digg up more on this.

My other main interest are in sport, especially in extreme sports. Right now I do involve in rock climbing, wall climbing, kayaking, mountain hiking, and have participated in a few sport events such as Malakoff Powerman and Nuang Challenge 2004. I love swimming, but only in certain places. Not swimming pool, not beach. I love to go to waterfalls, and do camping out there. The best place right now is Bekelah Waterfall, in Maran, Pahang, Malaysia. Do let me know if I have the chance to join you guys 🙂

My philosophy in simple, when you study, study hard. When it comes to play, play hard too. When you want to play and take it not serious, you will just waste your time.

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Farhan Faisal

Pulau Pangkor – Canoe and Rowing Club, IIUM

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8-10 April 2007, Canoe & Rowing Club IIUM organized a trip to Pangkor Island. This 3 days program were participated by 24 students and 1 accompanying officer, Bro Zahari. We arrive on 8th April morning at 10, at Ceria Bogak Resort. Not much that we do on the first day. We do cycling in the evening to Kota Belanda. At night, we have some group activities.

On the second day, we went to Pulau Giam for snorkeling activities. There are one group who drop at Pulau Giam as well. The do kayaking from Teluk Bogak to Pulau Giam, and went back in the evening. We also met other IIUM students, who went there on other programs. In the evening, all of us except me went out for kayaking, to Pangkor Laut, and back to Teluk Bogak. They just took 1 hour. We spend the night with charcoal, burning chicken and fish for BBQ. I hope there were octopus, prawn, etc 🙁

Pangkor not really as what I’ve expected. I never though Pangkor Island were so developed, even they have school, police, proper roads, water supply, electricity. Not like other island in East Coast of peninsular Malaysia like Kapas Island and Redang Island. In Kapas and Redang Island, surely you will have a life without vehicle smokes 🙂 btw, Pangkor Island is a nice place for a vacation, and honeymoon 😉

Sungai Tembat, Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu

sgtembat22 – 25 April 2006, I have joined University Kebangsaan Malaysia’s trip to Sungai Tembat, Tasik Kenyir in Terengganu. The trip was organized for students who took recreation as their optional credited subject in UKM. Overall there were 60 of us, including trainers, supporting staff, and acompanying officer.

We took boat from Musang platform, about 30 minutes passed Pengkalan Gawi, and 500m meters walk. From Musang platform, it took us about 15 minutes to Sungai Tembat. The view accross the lake was very nice, with nice wheather, and a hill waiting in front of us. Upon reaching Tembat platform, we can already saw the waterfall ahead of us. Its was spectacular.

Overall, during those 3 days in Sungai Tembat, we spend the time for revising what they have learn in recreation class through presentation divided into 5 topics. They are first aid, rope and knots, camp craft, orienteering and water confidence. I was incharged for orienteering, and it gives me some time to know what they have learned, and share what I have, and also revising what they do not understand during class, such as map scale.

In Sungai Tembat, we also have abseiling activities, and some unofficial activities with other trainers 🙂 we do river crossing over a rapid and rock climbing. Sungai Tembat is a very good place for everyone to have some time out of city, especially for fishing. You should try fishing in Tasik Kenyir some times, the fish are really big and bite friendly 🙂