Sungai Pisang, Gombak.

Sungai Pisang were always be the best destination for an empty weekend. Just 1 minutes drive out to Karak Highway, and 10 minutes walk, there a hidden place with cold water, nice waterfall, just a great place for camping, ‘tiruk’, even abseiling and flying fox. We once setup flying fox in there for a group of IIUM students, and it was great!

Chilling Waterfall, Kuala Kubu Baru

Sungai Chiling being a popular attraction for waterfall admirers with its high fall, and suitable containment of water for all, even if you do not know how to swim. But the water goes deeper closer to the fall, and can reach up to 4 meters. Located in the outskirt of Kuala Kubu Baru, guided by the signboards to Fraser Hill, took us about 10 minutes walk to the guard post, and 40 minutes to the fall from there.

Perlis Trip-Minoq and Acun’s Wedding

Last June, we went to Perlis to attend Minoq’s wedding. Its far to the north, but we’re thinking of having some good time with friends, and some time to go around some other places as well. Its nice to meet them, with wedding dress! Congratulations guys.

We went to Penang Island for Nasi Kandar Line Clear, and mee udang in Taiping on our way back. 🙂

Kayak And Rowing Masum 2010

Masum 2010 is a annual Sports Games between all universities, and I manage to go there and watch them play. Its late, and I could not manage to get the whole picture of the event. However, it is nice meeting the peoples, other teams, battling representing their universities. Lucky for our team, they grab a few gold. Congratulations!

Broga Hill, Semenyih, Selangor

Just about 20 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, there is Broga Hill in Semenyih, that have a magnificent views with fresh air, early in the morning. The journey took us about 25 minutes to reach the 1st hill, and take longer for the other hills. Lucky for us, the morning was still cloudy, and we can go around and spend much more time on the hill as it is not so hot, like usual morning.

The starting point is about 2 km after Nothingham University in Semenyih, and there is no signboard beside the road. We park our car in the oil plantation, among most other cars. The tracking start at about 5am, and there’s a lot of people hiking, and reaching the top far earlier than us. I still wonder what time they start hiking. At 9 am, most of the hiker going down, and its a bit crowded. Its fun, meeting a lot of people with the same interest. Photography, hiking, outdoor, beautiful scenery, and fresh air, something that’s quite valuable for people’s in Kuala Lumpur.