Thunderbird in Malaysia, really feel the thunder in my chest!

Credits to Syarafuddin SulaimanCredits to Din

Yesterday I have told you guys I will be going to RMAF Subang Air Base today for Joint RMAF USAF aerobatic performance there today. Well, we made it!
🙂 Me with Syarafuddin Sulaiman, we were there a a bit late, as it was raining heavily in the
morning in our place. But, we dont want to miss it, and dont want to live in regret and uncertainty, we just went off there in the heavy rain.
Luckily, the air show still being held, but we missed C-17 Globemaster. I dont know whether it in the air or not this morning.

We can see one RMAF Sukhoi jet flying around over in the traffic jam. The traffic jam was horrible. We could not get much good shots for the Sukhoi
jet. We just park the car by the roadside, and walk for a good place to take picturess. We couldn’t get a good shot of the runway, its quite far, and
blocked by a a fence! 🙁 Din just did what he can. He still can get some good shots.

F-16 Falcon Thunderbird was great. We arrive just in time for the Thunderbirds to come out. The sounds, the vibration over the ground, it was
exciting! We can feel the shaking while one of the jet fly right on top of us. They did a good and interesting formation, one of them was where four
of them fly from different angle towards the runway, and pass by each other in the middle of the runway. That was close!

We didn’t plan the trip very well, we couldn’t get close to the runway, and arrived a bit late. We also missed the C-17 Globemaster session. I also
not sure whether its in the air or not this morning. Hope to get my hands on one of the DSLR myself. Will wait for the next chance 🙂

Thanks Din for the pictures 🙂

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