About me

These are some information about myself.

Name : Farhan Faisal Zakaria
DOB : 23rd January 1984

About me
I am still student in International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), 4th year now, taking Computer Science. My interest area are very wide 🙂 In computer, my interest would be system administration in open source software, programming (a little bit on PHP+MySQL, HTML & CSS), web development, and embedded system. I’m still very new in embedded system, and I would like to digg up more on this.

My other main interest are in sport, especially in extreme sports. Right now I do involve in rock climbing, wall climbing, kayaking, mountain hiking, and have participated in a few sport events such as Malakoff Powerman and Nuang Challenge 2004. I love swimming, but only in certain places. Not swimming pool, not beach. I love to go to waterfalls, and do camping out there. The best place right now is Bekelah Waterfall, in Maran, Pahang, Malaysia. Do let me know if I have the chance to join you guys 🙂

My philosophy in simple, when you study, study hard. When it comes to play, play hard too. When you want to play and take it not serious, you will just waste your time.

Website that i manage.

  • http://www.farhanfaisal.com
  • http://www.budihost.com
  • http://www.zakariamohamad.com
  • http://www.hanizahhjramlee.com
  • http://www.sbudi.net
  • http://www.smkatj.net

You can contact me using the other page, contact me.


Farhan Faisal

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