A trip to Gunung Tebu – alot to learn..

Well, this might be the 15th time i have been there.. This time it wil be a program with my father’s collegue.

The nice trip about this program is about the theme, to enhance thier business activity. Some will wonder, what Gunung Tebu can help. Some will says, mountain hiking activity itself can help improve one’s self motivation. Some will says, the air of Gunung Tebu itself will help you to improve yourself, in term of mind activity, mind concentration and self motivation. Thats why we have been there since around 12 years ago.

In this trip, we were trained and explore our mind power to utilised within our daily life. The training is not for us to walk on fire, or puling a bus with our teeth, but how we could improve our business.

One thing interesting about this trip is, we didn’t bring stove for cook, ni rice. Just Melilea Greenfield Organic, water, and some snacks. For three days. But i wonder, why without much food, my bag still full and heavy! :-/


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